Mining and Fracking Eco Solutions

About Us

Mr. Glenn Howard is the founder of Mining And Fracking Eco Solutions (MAFES). John Bewsey, the inventor of the KNEW™ process Patented and Trade Marked by Trailblazer Technologies, John serves as our Chief technical & scientific partner. Mr. Howard and Dr. Bewsey have been active collaborators for over 40 years having formed their first partnership in 1967 to establish Glenjohn Chemicals – a company that grew into South Africa’s largest food chemical supplier. Mr. Aubrey Howard is the CEO of MAFES. He has extensive knowledge in the field of microbiology and fermentation production. He developed cutting edge microorganisms that are used in the baking industry. Dr. Martin Foote was responsible for the construction of the current treatment plant used at the Berkeley Pit. Dr. Foote has a deep understanding of the Pit’s current treatments flaws, and the need for change. His company, J3 Engineering has agreed to partner with MAFES on the Berkeley Pit project. Professor Pei Xu of New Mexico University is providing us with two masters students to do studies on the KNEW™ process while testing with the Federal Government in Alamogordo. Prof. Xu will oversee the two graduates.. Prof. Xu has agreed to sit on our board as a technical advisor after we complete testing.